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Mar 9, 2020

Chris is away at PAXEast so Will, Dan, Ian, and Katie sneak some Jameson Irish Whiskey into the podcast in honor of St. Patricks Day!

On the first half of the podcast the gang analyzes the current trends in video game subscription services and in the second half they wonder whether the wait for that sequel to your...

Nov 19, 2018

Put on your bibs, loosen up your belts, and grab a spoon to dig in with the Game Brew Crew in a merrymaking feast of beer and gaming!

Beer Feast!:  Old Speckled HenDuclaw's Sweet Baby JesusSouthern Tier PumpkingFirestone Agrestic Wild Ale

Each of us brings a beer to match a unique food at our thanksgiving feast,...

Jul 2, 2018

Crack open some of our favorite Clown Shoes brews and dive into the best and most exciting gaming updates from E3, and stay tuned for special guest Johnny Two-Hammers as he hogties Dan and gives us all a homework assignment for the...

Feb 6, 2018

Crack open a Bold Rock Pear (nevermind that it's a twist off...) and get ready to say "Awwwwww" as we recap the best and greatest pet companions in gaming history.

Then travel back in time with us for a rundown on the evolution and purposes of the inherent social aspects of gaming.

Also Discussed: Overwatch, Mad Max,...

Jan 22, 2018

Hop in your favorite chair, fire up your favorite game, and go on an adventure with Goose Island IPA and The Game Brew Crew as they discuss how sound design affects your gaming experience, and traversal mechanics in gaming - how getting from A to B can be great or absolutely abysmal.

Also discussed:  I Am Bread, Doom,...