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Jan 17, 2023

Better late than never! After dealing with audio Issues in the podcast, it didn't upload either!! Technology hates me! But anyway.... here's Episode 142!

Sep 26, 2022

In this episode of the GameView podcast, the boys try to remember what the plot is to Hitman having seen it mere hours ago.

Tune in and see where this ranks on the board of movies!

Sep 18, 2022

Join us this episode for a surprise visit from Ian and the MFC!

Sep 5, 2022

Come hang out with Dan and Chris as they talk about whether the console wars are starting back up!

Aug 16, 2022

ON this episode Chris and Dan discuss what will be happening in the future with our favorite development conferences.  Will they exist as they always have or will they fracture further into different developers? Will E3 ever come back!?  WILL GOKU MASTER HIS SUPER SAIYAN ABILITIES!?!?  Find out on the next.... GAMEBREW...