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Jul 30, 2018

Let's get hydrated and reminisce about the good ol' days! In Episode 35, Ian, Will, Chris, and Allison discuss their very earliest gaming memories, and in the second half of the show they blow the dust off of a few games that they may have played too young. Hilarity ensues.

Our featured beer this week is Dogfish Head's SeaQuench Ale Session Sour! It's salty and it's lime-y, so if you like pirates, you'll probably love this beer.

Join us!

We also mention Octopath Traveler, FarCry 5, Iron Brigade, Divinity: Original Sin, Odell Down Under, Math Blaster, QBASIC Gorrilas, Nibbles, Asteroids, Commander Keen, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Doom, Major's Mask, Starship Trooper's Terran Ascendancy, Parasite Eve, Star Wars: Dark Forces, Civilization VI, Wolfenstein 3D, Harvest Moon